Milano System

Our first collection could take no other name than Milan, where it all began – our city.
Inspired by the urban landscape and the people who live in it, Milano System was born, a solution as elegant, versatile and dynamic as the people’s daily life, the urban nomads.

If you are an unstoppable explorer on the urban streets looking for a well-designed and high-performing backpack to accompany you through all of your multiple activities in a day, look no further: the Milano System is the perfect solution for you.

Proudly Made in Italy and designed in Milan, every Modula product intertwines a constant vein of aestheticism and Italian taste, while each product is carefully designed to meet the needs of the global citizens.


Sleek and versatile, Milano Backpack is the base of the Milano System. You can use it individually or
combine it with other modules to adapt it to your needs.