About us


Our story begins in Milan, the core of our inspiration. In the city, we united our nomadic spirit and desire to create products that will encourage people to embrace the dynamic lifestyle.

Like most people living in the urban landscape, we spend our days commuting from the office to the gym, perhaps riding a bike to a coworking space, dinner with friends, living our life to the fullest. The backpack is our best companion to conquer the city; we carry everything needed to stay on the move from morning ’til evening. However, the variety of daily activities require over-packing or bringing multiple bags for all necessities.

That is how we came up with the idea of creating an ultra-versatile and modular backpack by combining the functionalities found in the best backpacks on the market with Italian aesthetics and carefully selected materials.

Our backpacks will adapt and perform beyond expectations allowing you to unleash your cosmopolitan soul and live your every day to the fullest—one backpack to offer limitless possibilities.

Evergreen design for a lifelong product


Inspired by the urban landscape, our products are distinguished by minimalistic and modern design with clear and sleek lines. With resistance to conform to passing trends, we believe in a function-driven design will stand the test of time and will last for more than just one season. The quality products that last a lifetime is a responsibility that we take not only to our customers, but to the environment as well. Because not only our products are well-built and versatile, but they are also made from the finest high-quality materials and are made to stay with you for a life.


Premium quality products that last a lifetime are a responsibility that we take on to our customers and the environment. Our responsibility to the environment begins with the sourcing of raw materials. These must not only comply with the required values but also fulfil the international and European standards. For us, this is just as fundamental as the targeted selection of suppliers and factories, which is guaranteed through intensive reception and quality controls and adherence to our ethics code. Moreover, by choosing only European suppliers and Italian factories, we strive to impact and improve social sustainability.

Bosco verticale Milano
Made in Italy


We’re passionate about good design and innovation; therefore, every product intertwines a constant vein of aestheticism and Italian taste. At the same time, each product is carefully designed to meet the needs of a global clientele. Our products are 100% Made in Italy. We combine Italian craftmanship through collaboration with established Italian factories, and innovation through the research of high-performance technical materials. Crafted with obsessive functionality and meticulous attention to detail while using carefully selected premium materials, all our products are synonym of “functional beauty”.